Our Team




Born in rural Illinois, I’ve been been creating, deconstructing, and building since I was big enough to climb a tree. This evolved into building homes to commercial properties and culminated in curating custom brand activations for some of the largest live events in the country. As a builder, I have been able to earn a reputation for creativity, quality and service while helping people and brands realize their project dreams.

Outside of building I enjoy any opportunity that takes me outdoors. This enjoyment is compounded when it involves my amazing girlfriend Kara and pup Clif. Our adventures have taken us around the world; from climbing to rafting to traveling, the world has a ton to offer when you take chances.

Lastly, and possibly the most important is my work with the international disaster relief organization ShelterBox. My work with them as a Response Team Member has given me the opportunity to work around the world in disaster and conflict driven scenarios. It is with them that I have been able to meld all of my passions together in hopes of leaving a place better than when I arrived.

Please check out ShelterBox if you have any interest or are looking for ways to give back!